The kitchen as a lab: DIY cooking

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Wait a second, hasn’t cooking always been do-it-yourself? Indeed it has. But the latest trend in DIY cooking goes a step further. Here the kitchen itself becomes a production facility. Even city residents can become self-sufficient and independent when it comes to nutrition. DIY cooking is a playground for innovative ideas. At the IMM LivingKitchen we discovered some efforts from Dutch designers that are as innovative as they are aesthetic. (Photos ©  Studio Sabrina Marcelis; Studio Makkink & Bey; Lieke Janssen; Juliette Warmenhoven)

Something’s brewing:

House wine from Sabine Marcelis

Viele von uns wissen einen guten Wein zu schätzen. Aber kaum jemand verschwendet einen Gedanken an den anspruchsvollen Herstellungsprozess, der Wein erst möglich macht. Mit der Home-Installation „House Wine“ will das Designstudio Sabine Marcelis das ändern. Die Installation enthält alles, was man zur Weinvergärung benötigt. Die Herstellung wird mitten in der Wohnung zelebriert – entspannte Stimmung und Zeit Many of us can appreciate a good wine. But hardly anyone stops to think about the demanding production process that makes wine possible in the first place. The design studio Sabine Marcelis hopes to change that with its home installation “House Wine”. The installation contains everything needed for wine fermentation. Winemaking celebrated right inside the home – relaxation and leisure time included. (© Studio Sabine Marcelis)

Sweet thing:

Lemonade Factory by Renske Rothuizen

Making lemonade poses no great challenge to most of us. With the Lemonade Factory the designer Renske Rothuizen, however, manages to imbue this process with whimsy and aesthetic. Inspired by the lemon tree of Pippi Longstocking fame, it brings child-like joy back to the kitchen. His machine celebrates the joy of lemonade-making in a practical and very visual way.  (© Lieke Janssen)


Cutting the cheese:

Cheese Maker from Studio Makkink & Bey

Cheesemaking is a tradition in many countries. The designers from Studio Makkink & Bey looked around the Netherlands and India and found surprisingly many commonalities in their traditional cheesemaking. They have drawn inspiration for their Cheese Maker from the handicraft in both countries. The result is a selection of items which can be used for cheesemaking at home. Juicer, milk jug, spoon, cheesecloth and colander are made of different materials such as wood or ceramic.

Strange growth:

Everyday Growing by Juliette Warmenhoven

Juliette Warmenhoven has got a green thumb. Her father was a flower producer in the Netherlands. For her series of small botanical monuments she was inspired by the beginnings of industrial tulip production. Everyday Growing displays plants in curious and interesting containers. There is a bonsai incubator, a tank for plant shoots, elements from domestic water supply and also a music box. In Everyday Growing, the natural and man-made world merge into one another. (© Juliette Warmenhoven)

Now it’s your turn: What are your DIY cooking ideas or which have you tried? We’re looking forward to your comments.


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