The right spices for a late night grill-out

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Summertime is grill time. Who doesn’t love the smell of grilled meat and veggies on warm, balmy nights, enjoying nice weather with friends and family. Give your grill-outs an extra kick by using the right spices. Have you ever thought about blending spices yourself?

Proper spicing is half the job

It’s clear that the right spices make everything taste better, whether it’s meat, fish, veggies or tofu. Spices enhance flavor and give grillables a special touch.

Spices deliver the right zing

When it comes to spices, we immediately think of salt and pepper. But there are many more spices that should not be missing from the grill: thyme, oregano, mustard seed, nutmeg, paprika, bay leaves, caraway and coriander are excellent for refining flavor. Perhaps it’s a question of taste, but garlic is also beloved and goes with all types of meat. If you like it a bit more exotic, you can reach for basil and curry when spicing. Just as exotic, but packing a bite, is chili. There are also milder types – give them a try and see which you prefer. And remember, the higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the taste.

Fresh herbs give the best aroma

There is nothing better than herbs from the garden and the balcony, freshly picked and sprinkled on grillables. They taste much more aromatic and intense than dried herbs, since the essential oils and nutrients are better retained in fresh herbs.

The courage to make unconventional blends

Why not try something new? Dare to dare when spicing and blend everything together. Give your creativity free rein and don’t put limitations on yourself. Only then can you experience new taste sensations. Even unusual combinations such as strawberries with green peppers or onions harmonize perfectly.

 Less is more

Make sure not to overdo it when spicing. The best of intentions may, in the worst case, end up covering the flavor of the meat, veggies and company. Experiment with smaller quantities of different spices rather than lots of one spice. Your taste buds will thank you. Grill masters also recommend sprinkling the spices on after grilling in order to preserve the natural flavor of the food and more easily control their proportions. Others, however, spice their food prior to grilling or steep it in special spices to infuse the meat or veggies with their aroma. The same rule applies: let your taste decide.

 A great gift idea

Spice blends make great gifts. There are no limits on the imagination. From the mix of herbs to the packaging (for instance in a nice test tube or small bottle) to the name you give to individual blends…

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