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Whether red-metallic, with gold stars, waving Santas or stylized Christmas trees – holiday wrapping paper comes in all colors and patterns. In Germany it remains a bit more traditional. The less handy among us stand in the long line at the gift-wrapping station, where nimble-fingered students earn pocket change at Christmastime by wrapping gifts.

Those who like to work with their hands will not give up the pleasure of selecting the right wrapping paper at home from ten options and the ribbon to go with it. So how is it done in other countries? Are there cultural differences when it comes to folding, gluing, etc.?

Small things in big packages – gifting in America

Big cars, XXL burgers – in the land of superlatives even tiny gifts come in big boxes under the Christmas tree. Whether it’s a ring or a gift card, in America there are huge gift boxes for everything. Anyone gifting a car, of course, puts a giant red ribbon on it. And at Christmas, of course, things are done in a big way.

The art of wrapping in Japan

The Japanese are very thoughtful when gifting. Whether food or a small gift, everything is wrapped with love here. The Japanese place so much value on gift wrapping that the packaging is almost as important as the content itself. But watch out – better to leave out the ribbons, they allude to funerals. The same holds true for white wrapping paper. Handing a gift over with both hands indicates that it comes from the heart.


Furoshiki – the high art of packaging

The only thing bigger than the pile of gifts at Christmas is the pile of torn and cut wrapping paper. It is shredded with reckless abandon. But not in Japan, where not only paper serves as gift-wrapping, but also square cotton towels. The fine cloth, printed with artistic patterns, is specially folded and knotted. This environmentally-friendly wrapping thus doubles the fun: one receives not just a gift, but also a towel, tablecloth, tote bag or napkin.

Happy wrapping!

P.S.: We have found the beautiful DIY Pictures on DaWanda-Portal «DIY with Love».

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