Virtual Reality – a magical world

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Becoming part of an illusion and delving into virtual worlds – if that evokes images of the blockbuster movie AVATAR they are not unfounded. Virtual reality is blazing its trail into our lives. It quickens the heartbeat of gamblers, for example. Many renowned manufacturers are already surfing the VR wave by adapting their games to the new technology: From gory horror and classic shooting games to well-known films – the entertainment industry can be experienced from an entirely new angle with VR. But it’s not just the gaming sector enjoying this new technology.


VR in health care

Virtual therapies against phobias are being tested and researched at King’s College in London. The test persons are confronted, for example, with virtual spiders with which they must then interact, thereby confronting their arachnophobia. Another very interesting potential application is in the area of surgery. Using VR glasses, operations can be practiced on virtual bodies and new surgical methods can be tested. From extremely complicated and protracted operations on the brain to simple dental treatments, virtual reality opens completely new training situations and methods. ©image: Medical Realities/PA

VR in product design

Virtual Reality also finds great favor among designers. One of the biggest graphic board manufacturers has carefully examined this exciting technology and presented new programming tools for virtual-reality design at a trade fair for computer graphics. Visitors to it were asked to test whether they could distinguish the rendered objects from the actually recorded video content. At least that’s the goal – to create photo-realistic graphics which are then transferred to virtual reality and are indistinguishable from their actually filmed matching part. An American automobile manufacturer is also making use of this technology and testing new designs for its cars in virtual reality with its own VR software. This software is equipped with the new programming tools. Engineers and designers from around the world can now tinker with new prototypes and discover entirely new perspectives and possibilities. ©image: Microsoft

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