We proudly present: SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™

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How would you like a glass-ceramic which forgives carelessness? One which has been built to master with us our daily kitchen chores, but without bearing the scars?

Indeed, we think this is a pretty picture, too. We never stop inventing, and have produced the first scratch-resistant glass-ceramic cooking surface in the world – baptized SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™.

We believe that a cooking surface is not just an article of daily use, but also an impressive design object. It should work and be rugged while acting as an attractive center point of the kitchen. Ideally for many years. SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ makes that possible. Flawless appearance, day after day, year after year.

Hard Facts on SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™:

  • Almost as hard as a diamond – for 95% less scratches from sand and 70% less scratches from scouring pads.
  • The only coating that withstands the mechanical and thermal loads of daily cooking tasks while being so scratch resistant.
  • Suited to all heating technologies (induction, radiant and gas).



A real tough beauty

As young as it is, SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ has already earned an award. At the Iconic Award Interior and Innovation 2017 it was yesterday lauded as «best of the best» at the Living Kitchen in Cologne. Proof that we have hit the mark with this innovation.

When will it be available?

Anyone who would like to make this glass-ceramic their own must have a bit of patience. One thing is sure: The first appliances with CERAN® Miradur™ should be commercialized by manufacturers this year, but the precise rollout has not yet been set. If you would like to know about the launch and learn more about this new type of product, then visit us here.

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