The key visual of CERAN EXCITE® – a combination of white, blue and red line and dot patterns
The key visual of CERAN EXCITE® – a combination of white, blue and red line and dot patterns

Glass-ceramic in a new light

Light. It’s been around for as long as we can remember. It steers, guides and gives us company. It is life and experience. It fascinates, inspires and offers security. And now it’s setting completely new standards in your kitchen. With CERAN EXCITE®, SCHOTT brings innovative lighting solutions to your home.
Special materials and coatings open new possibilities in usage concepts and product design for home appliance makers. On the cooktop and control panels, as burner borders and displays, or as a source of pleasant ambience. Cooking doesn’t just look good now. It’s fun.

Guiding and inspiring with light

Light makes cooking smarter, more intuitive – and more beautiful. Even induction cooking now offers visual feedback, such as burners lit up with different colors. Far from just decoration, light-rimmed burners offer more safety and control. Innovative technologies like monochrome or high-resolution TFT displays guide eyes and hands to bring the experience of cooking to life more than ever before.
A 7-segment display with a clearly contoured three above blue control elements
Red light spelling out “Induktion” framed by red angles
A blue 4 illuminates a 7-segment blue display
A monochrome display in bright white

Innovative combination

Light-optimized glass-ceramic enables many LED colors to shine through with particular brightness and clarity. White light appears four times brighter than with conventional glass-ceramic. New coatings and filter solutions now also keep light true to color and even, give it a clear contour and ensure that a switched-off burner appears homogeneously black.

A new cooking experience

Life is changing. And with it so is the way we cook. It should be simple and under control. We want clear feedback. Light fulfills everything we need and more.
A round white-light control element circling the symbol of a clock embodies the new sensuali-ty of cooking


„Cooking is my passion.

I’m used to cooking with gas. That’s why I need cooking to be a sensual, elemental experience."
A TFT display shows controls resembling a smartphone


„I’m a tech fan.

Induction isn’t intelligent enough for me yet. I want it to be as full of innovative functions as a smartphone."
The words “Never stop inventing” in white light combined with clearly contoured points of white light


„I value an exclusive ambience.

My cooktop is the heart of my kitchen – it should be a high-end appliance that satisfies my steep visual demands."
A bright blue angle replaces conventional cooktop panel borders


„I love cooking – and I cook a lot!

I want the flexibility to use many different pots at once when preparing several meals."
A bright white “on” symbol ensures safety when cooking


„I have a family.

That’s why it’s important to me to know when the cooktop is hot."

Freedom to change

CERAN EXCITE® lighting solutions enable home appliance makers to create exciting products that take the kitchen the next step into the future.
Product design becomes more exclusive, elegant and modern, such as control elements in bright, clearly contoured colors or pure radiant white. Decor is being replaced by light. Light can assume both the function and appearance of other kitchen appliance controls for a uniform design from the cooktop to the refrigerator. This new look has never been seen before.
Light also sets the stage for many smart solutions. The keyword here is connectivity. Light elements visually support connectivity, making operation easier and more intuitive. Not to mention safer, with clear symbol feedback.

There are countless more ideas to follow the many that have come to light. And the best part is that appliance producers can develop them with us, getting the most from the potential of our solutions.
A monochrome display in clear white
A cooktop panel with an illuminated blue edge for ambient light in the kitchen
Close-up of an angled, blue-lit burner border directly next to a pot
Red-lit monochrome display
A pot from above framed by a bright blue angular burner border left of a TFT display resem-bling a smartphone
Clear, bright 7-segment displays in every LED color
Bright, clear, multi-colored lighting solutions across the entire cooktop panel, including ambient lighting at glass-ceramic edges
Bright, clear, multi-colored lighting solutions for burners – such as light-rimmed borders around heated areas
Monochrome TFT displays
High-resolution TFT displays
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