SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panel with blue light in the front panel

Here you only need one instruction manual: Your cookbook.

One development can continually be seen: Everyday appliances have more functions, but it’s becoming easier to use them. This is also true for SCHOTT CERAN®. We think that cooking should be fun – and this includes a cooktop panel that promises enjoyable use. The innovative concepts for using our cooktop panels all have one thing in common: They are haptically or visually so intuitive that you don’t need an explanation.
A cooktop panel with CERAN® Smart Touch

Smart use.

Sometimes you can open up the whole world with your fingertip. This movement has made its way into the kitchen on glass-ceramic cooktop panels with CERAN® Smart Touch. The key is a new production technology which allows for impressions to be made and positioned more precisely than ever before in order to mount electronic switches behind them. Whether they are button features, sliders, or rings, in colors, with symbols, or lit: SCHOTT CERAN® makes user-friendly products.
A cooktop panel with CERAN® Smooth Print

Intelligent printing.

Just let yourself be guided by your senses: CERAN® Smooth Prints make that possible. During production, visible and tangible textures are put on glass-ceramic cooktop panels and retained during ceramization. They ensure an intuitive cooking experience.
A blue, illuminated 7-segment display

Enlightening simplicity.

Light as a guiding system: This is an approach used by SCHOTT as well. Black glass-ceramic, for example, allows the entire color spectrum to shine through – even white light. This is visible in the color variation of the 7-segment display. Transparent glass-ceramic also allows for this possibility and even offers the possibility of high resolution displays. The light not only shows the way to the perfect meal, it also sets unique design accents in your kitchen.