SCHOTT CERAN Cooking FUSICS at London Design Fair 2017

COOKING FUSICS at London Design Fair 2017

The material from which ideas are made.

SCHOTT CERAN® is more than a cooking surface. It brings innovative technologies, individual design, a modern lifestyle and more joy for cooking into the kitchen. And it is always fascinating to us, just how many possibilities are still hidden within this material.

We recently spread this fascination to people bringing SCHOTT CERAN® to the Design Fair in London. Here we spoke about the future of the kitchen with industry partners, with retailers and customers, with those interested in design and technology, with all of you. We discussed ideas and sound out possibilities together. Experience more in our event movie:

At the fair, experienced: unique submissions and exciting innovations.

Are you curious for Cooking FUSICS by SCHOTT CERAN®? For extraordinary materials and inspiring concepts, take a look at our event photo gallery. And for one special highlight: the results of this year's SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards. With all sorts of ideas about FUSICS. Take a look at the winner's concepts.

Impressions from our stand at London Design Fair

Three designers playing with Fusics Table
Pancake recipe on glass-ceramic cooking table
Pot on Fusics Table
SCHOTT CERAN stand at London Design Fair
Touch display with recipes
Lady in SCHOTT CERAN Design Gallery
Transparent glass-ceramic in an old cupboard
The FUSICS table inspired the audience of London Design Fair 2017
Digital pancake recipe by Kitchenstories displayed on glass-ceramic surface
FUSICS Prototype with integrated 8-zone induction cooking and ambient lighting
Side perspective of our stand at London Design Fair 2017
Multi touch display showing recipes by Kitchenstories
Lady in CERAN® Design Awards Gallery
Transparent glass-ceramic cooktops highlighted in a vintage architect's cupboard

Cooking spaces of the future - the winning concepts

Vesta 4.0 by Max Neustadt
The Cooking Table II by Moritz Putzier
Leveled Induction Hob by Jaewan Choi
Nourishment by Ka Ying Siu
Wall Kitchen by Jun Li
C-Plugged by Philipp Schaake
Fusics by Gregorio Palmeri
Smartconnect Kitchen
1ST PLACE: "Vesta 4.0" by Max Neustadt, Germany
2ND PLACE: "The Cooking Table II" by Moritz Putzier, Germany
3RD PLACE: "Leveled Induction Hob" by Jaewan Choi, South Korea
People's Choice Award: "Nourishment" by Ka Ying Siu, China
SCHOTT Special Award: "Wall Kitchen" by Jun Li, USA
"C-Plugged" by Philipp Schaake, Germany
"Fusics" by Gregorio Palmeri, Italy
"Smartconnect" by Aziz Belkharmoudi, Morocco

What does the cooking space of the future look like?

We are always looking for new answers to this question. We look in every direction beyond the borders of glass-ceramic. Because we believe that there is a lot of space around cooking surfaces for interesting topics and new ideas. We call these FUSICS:

Function – intelligent functional design that optimizes cooking

Urbanism – create the greatest cooking experience in the smallest space

Sustainability – forward-looking and environmentally-friendly solutions

Illumination – light as an effective resource for handling and ambience

Connectivity – connected kitchen for more efficient cooking

Social experience – kitchen as a place for family, friends, guests
Edge of the FUSICS Table with light

Premiere: FUSICS Table.

Our ideas have taken shape and became real. The FUSICS Table has been presented for the first time at the London Design Fair. It is the prototype of a future-oriented SCHOTT CERAN® cooking block.
CERAN CLEARTRANS in vintage closet

For an endurance test:

A material like no other. Simply impressive, simply irresistible. During the product presentations at our fair stand, our guests could experience why CERAN Miradur® remains timelessly beautiful and flawless, despite daily use.
CLEARTRANS in vintage closet

Design trend: transparent glass-ceramic.

A material innovation that perfectly combines modern technology with high-quality design: With the transparent glass-ceramic CERAN CLEARTRANS®, the product family has grown again: a new glass-ceramic cooking surface with a sophisticated metal look.
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