Stands up to everything, even envious glances.

For us, glass-ceramic is a science. We are simply fascinated by the material whose recipe still remains a closely guarded secret. After all, on the one hand it has the aesthetics of glass and feels just like it. On the other hand, it is highly resistant to heat and incredibly stable – an ideal combination whose capabilities we constantly continue to develop with SCHOTT CERAN®.

By the way, SCHOTT CERAN® holds hardly anything against you and will forgive pretty much any mishap. In fact, you are welcome to use our glass-ceramic cooktop panels not only as cooking surfaces, but also to go on an adventure in outer space. After all, they withstand temperatures like those on the planet Mercury. You’ll see: SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels are ready for anything – especially the future.
A falling ball on a SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panel.

Deviations in quality: zero.
Deviations in temperature: no problem.

SCHOTT CERAN® is extremely durable. Our glass-ceramic even stands up to sudden temperature shocks in the range of up to 700 degrees Celsius without difficulty. Furthermore, it puts up with the normal wear and tear of the kitchen and everyday cooking without losing any of its stability. This always makes for a pleasant cooking experience.
Focus on a pot on a glass-ceramic cooktop panel.

Enviable: it doesn't age.

SCHOTT CERAN® is incredibly durable. We have optimized our glass-ceramic in such a way that you’ll enjoy using it for many years to come. And if it is used and cleaned properly, it will not undergo an aging process even though it is exposed to enormous physical stress every day.
A SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panel with the symbol for “eco-friendly.”

It is also good for the environment.

SCHOTT CERAN® is completely sustainable: the glass-ceramic consists mainly of natural raw materials and is manufactured without using the toxic heavy metal additives arsenic and antimony. Furthermore, it is completely environmentally friendly from the moment it is manufactured until it is recycled.
Light transmittance of a black glass-ceramic cooktop panel.

A color spectrum of new possibilities.

SCHOTT CERAN® allows light to pass through. In fact, SCHOTT is the first manufacturer to ever develop a black glass-ceramic that allows for the entire light spectrum to shine through it – a unique highlight in every kitchen.
A cooktop with the Resource Saver label.

Doesn’t put a strain on the environment or the electricity bill.

Glass-ceramic is energy efficient. The efficiency of SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panels in combination with radiant heating is higher than 70%. And with induction, it is even over 80% – depending on the power of the respective range. This means the heat energy reaches the cooking vessel with hardly any heat losses. This saves time and money.
A glass-ceramic cooktop panel can be cleaned with a cloth.

Easier to take care of than some guests.

SCHOTT CERAN® is easy to maintain. Major and minor incidents while cooking can be cleaned up immediately. And an induction range will make life even easier for you. The heat is only generated at the bottom of the pot; therefore you’ll never see the severe burn-ins that occur on conventional stoves.