SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panel for an induction range

A difference that makes no difference to us.

SCHOTT CERAN® for radiant, induction and gas systems.
Electric range featuring a SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panel

SCHOTT CERAN® and radiant heat: traditional burners are out.

Above all, a radiant kitchen range with a SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop saves energy while cooking, as well as, cleaning the range. The red-glowing cooking zones are typical of this technology, radiating heat and thus warming the vessel on the cooktop.
SCHOTT CERAN® in combination with induction technology

SCHOTT CERAN® and induction: a perfect combination.

With induction, a current-carrying coil located beneath the cooktop generates an alternating magnetic field. The result is that, when turned on, the cooking zone stays cool. When a pot made of ferromagnetic material is placed on the cooktop heat is generated where it is needed – directly at the bottom of the cookware. The cooking surface itself remains relatively cool; however, temperatures up to 500°C (932 °F) can be reached. You can enjoy all of these advantages with SCHOTT CERAN® – and you also have a cooking surface that is elegant and easy to clean.
Gas range with a glass-ceramic cooktop panel

SCHOTT CERAN® and gas: cook like a pro.

Cooks who swear by cooking with gas are in good hands with SCHOTT CERAN®. Rapid heating and precision cooking are typical of gas stoves. The glass-ceramic combines the pleasure of gas cooking with stylish aesthetics, easy care and durability.
Cross section of electric heating technology
  1. Electricity heats a coil beneath the glass-ceramic surface. 

  2. The red-glowing coil heats the glass-ceramic in the cooking zone. 

  3. The heat is dispersed homogeneously. The vessel on the cooking zone is warmed by the heat conducted by the glass-ceramic and radiating from the coil. The unheated surface remains relatively cool. 

  4. The SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop continues to emit heat after it is turned off, which can be used to cook or warm the pot. The residual heat display indicates which zones are hot.
Cross section of induction heating technology
  1. The induction coil beneath the cooktop has a current running through it. 

  2. The coil generates an alternating magnetic field.
  3. The magnetic field induces eddy currents in the bottom of induction cookware (made of ferromagnetic metal) that heat the bottom of the pot quickly.
  4. The contents of the pot are heated via heat transfer. The heat generation is immediately interrupted as soon as the pot is removed from the surface.
  5. The universal SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop only heats up using the heat of the bottom of the pot, meaning any overflow spills do not burn into the surface.
Cross section of gas heating technology
  1. Gas heating heats the bottom of the pot over an open flame and has direct contact with the flame. 

  2. Cookware made of temperature-resistant material is ideal for cooking with gas.

  3. The side walls of the pot are also heated up by the flowing heat.
  4. The SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel works great in combination with removable grates – for easier cleaning.

Radiant? Gas? Induction? It's nice that at least the question of the right cooking surface is easy to answer: SCHOTT CERAN®.